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Contact Us Cellivite Lift

Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror?

Are you happy with how your skin feels?

Are you starting to see the beginning of fine lines around the eyes?

Do you see the faintest little sagging around the jaw line?

Is your skin starting to feel dry and you’re wondering whets happening?

Are you taking good care of your skin and yet you are seeing these changes?

Are you seeing all these changes and convincing yourself it’s your imagination?

If you are reading this and identifying with any of the above then continue reading and allow me to explain how you can reduce the signs of aging

Every morning when we look in the mirror we are seeing the end result of a journey our skin cells have made over a 30 - 60 day period.  We either are happy with what we see or we are not? We can influence this outcome by eating healthy, drinking water, exercising, using good quality products, protecting the skin with a good broad spectrum sun block and committing to a professional skin treatment approximate 6-7 times a year. Professional salon treatments make a difference by keeping the skin cells healthy.  Every time we exfoliate the skin during a facial we are creating a cell to cell “Natter”.  This is vital for cell communication and regeneration.

Discover your Journey - The Secret to your Youth

Cellvite - This therapy is a combination of 3 technologies. Radio frequency, Red LED light and Vacuum Suction. The combination of these 3 technologies have the ability to heat the skin at a deep level, infuse light at an even deeper level and speed up the blood and lymphatic systems to achieve a very effective result deep into the skin cell.

The Benefits of this treatment will enhance luminosity of the skin, remodel the face and neck by lifting the skin thus reducing wrinkles. It tightens your skin and can make a reduction in the appearance to double chins something we all hate!!

Although cellvite has many  benefits It is also worth noting that when Cellvite Lift therapy is used in combination with other modalities such as IPL, Hydrafacial, micro current, the results derived can be enhanced.

LED Light Therapy
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