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What are the facts about laser hair removal ?

Hair can be stubborn. Many products claim to be the most effective hair remover, but often fail to live up to expectations. But now, IPL laser hair removal for is very quick and easy. It only takes from 5 minutes for lip to 20 minutes for full back. Our laser leg hair treatments are hygienic, quick and after your course of treatment, you will be virtually hair free! Plus, ingrown hairs will disappear and not return.

Do you have to Shave before a IPL laser hair removal treatment?

Yes for body hair it is necessary to shave before your treatment. This is suitable in most cases. However if you have dark hairs interspersed with fine vellous blond facial hair we advise against shaving. We determine the best course of action at the consultation stage with our client. In our experience there are better ways to tackle this type of hair growth, such as electrolysis.

How many sessions will it take to get a result?

For the best hair removal results, you will need between 6-8 sessions. and this will depend on hair type. Treatments are performed between 4 - 6 weeks until the follicle becomes sterile. Following the successful completion of your treatments, you may need one or two treatments per year to maintain the results.

What results can I expect after laser hair removal?

Occasionally, some clients have a few hairs left following the completion of the treatment course, but they are almost invisible. Laser hair removal works using Photothermolysis, or converting light energy into heat, which harms the hair follicle and makes laser the best of all the hair removers available today.

Does laser hair removal work on all areas?

Laser hair removal can be used on almost all areas on the face or body on both men and women.

Does Hair Fall Out?

Hair falls out within 7-10 days. You can use a scrub in the shower which helps exfoliate the skin and remove hair.

Does IPL Laser hair removal hurt?

Laser hair removal hardly hurts. The IPL laser we use at Body Connection are virtually pain-free. After your hair removal treatment you may feel a slight warmth on the area treated which will reduce and then disappear in less than an hour. Some of our clients describe the sensation as a elastic band lightly hitting against the skin.

How do I take care of my skin after my hair removal treatment?

It is important not to wax or pluck 4 weeks before your first treatment and then for the duration of your IPL laser hair removal treatments. However, you can use depilatory creams or shave. But, one of the many benefits of laser is that you do not have to wait until the hair grows out long before you get your next laser leg hair removal treatment! Once the hair is visible we can treat it.

Can I have my IPL laser done if I have a tan?

No. IPL laser hair removal can not be performed if there is any other signs of pigment in the skin. The client has to wait until the tan has faded. This also applies to fake tan

Frequently Asked Questions

IPL -Laser Hair Removal


How do I know if I am Suitable for IPL Laser Hair Removal???

IPL laser hair removal is a proven successful method of removing unwanted hair. Intense Pulsed light (IPL) laser works best on people with dark hair and light skin IPL Lasers use plused light to target, break down and destroy the melanin (dark pigment) in hair. This is why it works onlu on hair that has pigment (colour) in it.

Do you have dark hair on your body?

Is your skin fair?

Are your hairs strong?

Do your hairs grow fast?

Do you find yourself shaving every 2-3 days?

Do you feel the need to use Depilatory creams every few days?

Do you suffer from ingrown hairs?

Is your body hair preventing you from outdoor Pursuits?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions IPL laser hair removal is for you!!

Hair grows in three phases Anagan, Catagan and Telogen. These phases of hair growth are important to the successful outcome of the clients treatment.

Anagen - Anagen is the active phase of the hair. The cells in the root of the hair are dividing rapidly. A new hair is formed and pushes the club hair up the follicle and eventually out. During this phase the hair grows about 1 cm every 28 days. Some people have difficulty growing their hair beyond a certain length because they have a short active phase of growth. On the other hand, people with very long hair have a long active phase of growth. The anagen phase is the ideal phase of growth to perform our IPL laser hair removal treatment and this is why your therapist will recommend your session frequency for you.

Catagen - The catagen phase is a transitional stage and 3% of all hairs are in this phase at any time. This phase lasts for about 2-3 weeks. During this time growth stops and the outer root sheath shrinks and attaches to the root of the hair. This is the formation of what is known as a club hair.

Telogen - Telogen is the resting phase and accounts for 10-15% of all hairs. At this stage the hair is preparing to shed. Keeping your sessions frequent as suggested by your therapist will help us to avoid performing your treatment when the hairs are in this stage as the IPL laser is least effective at this stage.

Unlike other hair removal treatments such as waxing and plucking after your IPL laser hair removal treatment the hairs remain in the follicle. These hairs will eventually shed. It is recommended that you use a mild scrub on day 7-10 to encourage this process.

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