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Permanent Make  UP

It is a revolutionary method of applying natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin and is also be known as micro-pigmentation, semi-permanent make up, cosmetic tattooing and permanent cosmetic enhancement. Using pigment to permanently apply a natural look and a subtle finish to the skin, this procedure is medically proven to be completely safe and effective. This state-of-the-art technique is used for a variety of permanent cosmetic enhancements such as permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner and beauty spots

A consultation is required prior to this treatment.

At Body Connection we use a blend of the best make-up on the market so we have something to suit everyone’s desire. We have been doing bridal and occasional make up for over 30 years and pride over selves on the feedback we get from our clients. Every season we introduce the latest colours and have constant training to stay up to date with the latest make-up trends. Having your Make-up done at Body Connection means wearing a look that you are comfortable and happy with and not having to worry about reapplying your make-up all day long.

Occasion Makeup €40

Wedding Makeup €55

Make-up Lesson €70

False eyelashes Strip €15

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What is Semi Permanent Makeup?

It is a process where pigment is inserted into the epidermis of the skin, which depending on the colour chosen and the skin tone can last from 2-5 years.

The procedure is carried out with a permanent make up pen. Clients are patch tested prior to the first procedure to see if they may have any allergic reaction to the pigment or anaesthetic. Most people do not have any reaction at all.

All our pigments are F.D.A. approved (USA Foods & Drugs Administration approved).

Women, whose eyebrows are sparse from plucking, shaving or are simply very blonde or light in colour, can enjoy a perfectly shaped natural looking brow created with semi-permanent make up.

Eyeliner or eyelash enhancement defines and enhances the eyes’ natural colour and shape.

Similarly lip-lining enhances the lip shape and can be used to correct the shape of the lips and to deepen the natural colour of the lips. We can offer you, through the art of semi permanent make-up, the confidence of feeling and looking naturally beautiful all of the time.

How long does the treatment take?

You will need to allow 1.5 hours for your first procedure.

How long does it last?

Semi Permanent Make-up should last for several years or as long as the body allows. Over that time the colour will fade and break down and be reabsorbed into the body.  Most clients will come back every 18-24 months to freshen up the colour and keep it looking beautiful.

How much does it cost?

Prices for eyebrows start at approximately €350-400, eyeliner €250-300 and lips €350-400. We offer discounts if you are treating more than one area. A consultation is recommended to discuss the procedure and answer any questions the client may have about her treatment.  This is complimentary and highly recommended. A patch test for the pigment and the numbing cream is performed at this stage.

Does It Hurt?

Some clients feel no discomfort at all – others feel minimal discomfort. We use topical anaesthetics to control pain tolerance. Clients say that having a procedure is similar to having their eyebrows plucked. Once the procedure is complete there is no discomfort whatsoever.

Is there any down time?

This depends on the area treated.  There can be a little more recovery needed with the eyeliner procedure. With all areas the colour will look a little darker for about 5 days and then it will become softer and more natural.  

Is everybody suitable for Permanent makeup?

Clients with a heart condition, diabetic, epilepsy and pregnancy would all be contraindicated. If a client has a history of cold sores this would need to be treated with oral medication 3 days prior to the procedure and 3 days after. (Lip Procedure)

Will everyone notice when I go out?

After a procedure the area treated will be darker and more intense. This will last for a few days until the area exfoliates and the true colour emerges. Generally it is only you who notices the darker colour. If anaesthetic is used you may swell slightly – this will go down usually by the end of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

The results can range from soft, subtle to crisp and very well defined, as each colour is custom blended to the client’s requirements. It lasts up to several years. It is smudge proof and waterproof.

As you can see from the Photographs on the far right the changes in our clients eyebrows. Our Model for these photographs is 45 years of age. Any age is the right age for changes.



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Request: Defined eyebrows

Permanent Make Up

Free Consultation

Eyebrow €350 - €400

Eyeliner €250 - €300

Lips €350 - €400

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