Alphasomes C-8 Blemished Skin Control Serum

0.5fl.oz / 15ml | €29

Alphasomes C-8 Sensitive Skin Serum

0.5fl.oz / 15ml | €35

C.S Citrusome

0.05fl.oz / 15ml | €53

Alphasome C-8 flawless Skin Brightening Serum

0.5fl.oz / 15ml | €45

G.S Ginkgosome

0.5fl.oz / 15ml | €40.50


Applying serum is the third step in your daily skin care regimen after cleansing and toning. Our highly concentrated serums incorporate advanced age-defying peptides and grape stem cell extract into our exclusive Alphasomes® liposomal skin care delivery system for superior product performance. #1 selling G.S. Ginkgosome® and C.S. Citrusome® are now accompanied by three Alphasomes® C-8 booster serums, which provide additional botanical benefits for specific skin concerns.

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