Before and after tips for the perfect Spray Tan

Here they are, our absolutely top 10 tips to ensure your tan is perfectly gorgeous for as long as possible….

1. If you’re a tanning junkie, make sure you exfoliate regularly to avoid build up as several layers of tan can result in an uneven result. Our Sea Enzyme Salt scrub is perfect for this as it has a coarse exfoliation and is packed with nourishing oils to smooth out any leftover tan.

2. All waxing, shaving and exfoliation MUST be carried out 24 hrs beforehand, to ensure that your pores are closed prior to your tanning application.

3. Before your spray tan give yourself a good all-over polish and apply plenty of moisturiser the night before to get your skin as silky as possible. The most common cause of a patchy tan is dry skin, so it’s crucial to moisturise problem areas (wrists and hands, elbows, knees, ankles and feet) prior to your spray tan this also prolongs the life of your tan.

4. When you come in for your tan wear loose, dark clothing and avoid tight-fitting underwear. Anything that’s pressing on the skin may make the results a bit patchy

5. Do not apply any moisturisers, deodorants or perfumes on the day of your spray tan. It is also best not to shower or bathe directly before the treatment, so best to leave a few hours between a wash and your spray tan.

6. Do not allow your skin to get wet and avoid sweating at the gym or any other physical activity, washing hands, showers, baths and washing up after getting your tan.

7. Wait at least 8 hours before washing the excess tan off to reveal your gorgeous tan.
8. Don’t forget to polish and moisturise, or your colour won’t fade evenly. But make sure you avoid doing so for at least 24 hours after getting your tan.

9. If you want to get the longest out of your tan avoid swimming as the chlorine strips the colour from your skin as does taking long baths and when drying yourself pat the area dry avoid scrubbing your skin.

10. A fake tan doesn’t protect you from the sun so always wear sun protection…


Here at Body Connection we have chosen Fake Bake as our tanning system because of its many benefits:

• Natural coloration.

• Rapid tan development.

• Less prone to streaking.

• Longer lasting results.

• Pleasant fragrance – doesn't leave the smell often associated with other self-tans.

• Uses 100% naturally derived ingredients.

• Free from artificial preservatives & Parabens.

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Spray Tan Full Body  €25

Spray Tan Half Body  €20

Sunbeds per minute  €1    

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