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Teen Acne

If you have a teenager in your life chances are they will struggle with breakouts at some point during their teenage years. Unfortunately puberty and pimples go hand in hand in fact 9 out of 10 teenagers suffer from acne.

Causes of Teen Acne

Hormones are the main cause of teenage acne, during puberty your body starts producing hormones known as androgens which triggers oil production. The more oil produced inside the pores, the more likely the pores are to get blocked. When the over produced oil mixes with the dead skin cells which the body naturally sheds they form a sticky plug resulting in acne. This combination traps oil and bacteria called Propionibacterium acne (we call it p acne for short) clogging the pores and causing it to rupture making it impossible for the oil to be released which causes inflammation. This inflammation sends a message to your body that something is wrong and in defence your body rushes white blood cells to the pore causing a white head to be formed.

Other Causes

Not cleaning face twice a day: Although dirty skin is not a cause of acne, if you have acne and you don’t cleanse your face twice a day, there will be a build up of pollution and dirt that will clog the pores and cause breakouts. For girls not removing make-up completely at night will definitely make things worse. Washing cosmetic brushes as well weekly is very important to remove oil and bacteria. Changing pillow cases regularly is also important as they are potent carriers of bacteria and germs that can cause acne.

1. Healthy Follicle




2. Duct is clogged by dead skin, over produced oil starts build up

Acne is Formed

3. P acne and oil build up start to cause inflammation

How Acne is Formed

Acne Information