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Picking and squeezing pimples: although people feel that doing this gives them relief from the pain of having a cyst or pimple it actually makes things a whole lot worse and spreads the acne. It pushes the bacteria down into the epidermis leading to reoccurring pimples as well. Not to mention acne scarring.

Hair products: Ever notice that a lot of teens have more prominent breakouts on the forehead and hairline? Heavy applications of gels and hair sprays can be to blame for this being careful to keep that away from the face as well as keeping the hair away from the face can help a big deal.

Incorrect skin care regime: Using the correct skin care regime is very important to prevent breakouts and maintain healthy skin.  Using harsh acne products that can over dry the skin and irritate the skin actually triggers the glands to produce even more oil. The best way to get the perfect skin care regime tailored to your needs is to book a skin consultation not all skin or all acne is exactly alike and for this reason there shouldn’t be a one size fits all regimes to address your skins needs.

What does teen acne skin need??

Don’t worry it doesn’t take a multitude of skin care products and a complex skin care regime to combat teen acne. All you need is the following:

1. Use a gentle cleanser: This stops redness, helps skin heal and reduces oil production it is essential to wash twice a day with a mild cleanser. Always avoid face wipes, soaps, gel cleanser or bar cleanser as these as far to drying on the skin and will clog the pores. Also avoid cleansing scrubs as these just irritate your skin.

Dr Schwab’s Soft Foam Cleanser is perfect for acne skin as it is mild enough to not irritate the skin yet through enough to get down into the pores to eliminate oil and reduce irritation.

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2. Exfoliation: Now this does not mean scrubbing the face, scrubbing is bad and a lot of low grade exfoliators contain too rough of an exfoliating mediums that actually disturbs your skin causes micro tears this allows bacteria to get into the skin. Exfoliation is however particularly important especially since one of the proven causes of teen acne is a build-up of dead skin blocking the pores causing the oil to become trapped. The best type of exfoliator for acne skin is a mild one with sphere shaped exfoliating beads that wont irritate the skin and disturb your roof tile aka as Stratum Corneum.

Dr Schwab Bamboo Cream peel is a mild non-irritating exfoliator that uses bamboo and jojoba beads to gently buff away dead skin cells without causing micro tears.