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3. Eliminating acne bacteria: one of the most effective ways to do this is by using a product containing a low amount of benzoyl peroxide as this is proven to kill the P acne bacteria. Just be careful you choose one that contains no irritant such as alcohol, menthol, camphor to name a few.

Dr Schwabs controlling cream has 2.7 % benzoyl peroxide to help clear existing acne but it is also enriched with vitamins and peptide to ensure the skin is nourished at the same time and remains clear.

 4. Sunscreen: protecting against sun damage is very important for everyone but it has an extra importance for acne suffers. Skin cannot heal acne if it is battling daily sun damage at the same time. A Broad- spectrum sun protection with a spf of 30 will accelerate the healing process of acne and will keep the skin protected from further damage. I live in Ireland and I can avoid this one I hear you saying well not true the damage comes from the UVA rays that are around all day even if its cloudy and those nasty little rays can even get you through glass so the sun protect rule counts for everyone whether they are living in the Antarctic or Australia.

Dr Schwabs Umbrella Sunscreen is a lightweight non greasy broad spectrum that offers the highest level of protection while soothing the skin

5. Oil absorbing: Unfortunately there is no way to topically control oil production caused by teen hormones but you can help control the oil that comes to the surface by not using overly emollient products and by absorbing oil whenever possible. The best way to do this is to apply a gentle clay mask to absorb the oil.

Controlling mask: This bentonite clay mask; absorbs excess oil and balances sebaceous gland activity. It also contain tea tree oil and salicylic acid to help clear the complexion and normalize the skin

Our P acne killing treatment helps to combat acne even faster we have a revolutionary treatment called Omni Blue Light Acne treatment that is a fast, effective, pain free way of killing the P acne bacteria.